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Kind Words



Our clients mean the world to us.
Working with each and every couple reminds us why we love what we do.
When working with Estera Events, you will always feel just as anyone planning their wedding should – prioritized and important.
Here are some sweet things our clients have said about their experience working with Estera Events.


“My husband and I just wanted a big party to celebrate our love without all of the traditional wedding details — well, aside from my dress and his tux — we just wanted good food, lots of drinks and fun music. We rented out RM Champagne Salon (Chicago, IL), which I thought meant we didn’t need any help planning. Ashley Millar at RM was great, but luckily I realized that even with our non-traditional “big party” wedding we needed help with the details and logistics. I am so fortunate that my photographer recommended Estera Events. Erica was amazing and thought of things I never would have thought about. When I assumed things couldn’t happen (tenting in RM in December) she made them happen. The best part was I had everything I ever wanted without any of the stress — literally! There is no way we would have been able to have the best day of our lives without her help! Thanks you so much, Erica! “

– Laura + Jesse


“Bianca and Erica are truly experts in their field. I was lucky enough to be referred to them and after speaking with a few different wedding planning companies, I knew they were the perfect fit. I am over the top detail oriented and they helped me with every detail from start to finish and really know what they are doing. I came to them with questions and they responded quickly with their input and suggestions. Their experience and knowledge really made the wedding turn out perfectly. Having a destination wedding, I was nervous about the vendors being in another state, but having the ladies oversee the contracts, work with the vendors, and set up day of really took the stress off. While getting ready on my wedding day I was able to enjoy my time and know that everything we had discussed would be executed. It was so amazing to see the wedding and reception just as we had planned it so many months ahead of time. They even stayed to help ensure everything was packed up and back in my hotel room. I could not have done it without Bianca and Erica and feel so lucky to have found them. Truly the best! “

– Kaylin + Garrett


“Bianca and her team were the reason I was able to enjoy my wedding day! She helped communicate with difficult vendors, negotiated various family members’ concerns, and left me and my husband to feel at ease throughout our entire wedding. She brought my vision of my wedding to life and exceeded all my expectations! Every vendor she recommended was fantastic and a pleasure to work with! I can’t recommend her and Estera Events highly enough!”

– Elizabeth + Joe


“I worked with Bianca and Hilary for a full plan in August 2015 for both our rehearsal dinner and wedding. And it was hands down the most integral decision of my wedding. It was a complete teamwork atmosphere between all of us. Estera brought a strategic and creative mindset to help expand the inspiration. Bianca is a total bad-ass and an extraordinary talent. She touched so many elements of our weekend, including: keeping us on track, recommending best in class partners, meeting with us constantly, keeping me sane, and managing parts of our vendor partnerships. Hilary brought a unique eye for sophistication, and made our original style board which dictated a lot of our decisions through out the planning process. The tag team of Hilary and Bianca made us feel so supported, and empowered us to expand our creativity while executing flawlessly through their tenured experience. The end result was the most magical weekend of my life. This was a serious undertaking, but the collective effort made it more fun, much more elevated style wise, and an extremely smooth execution on the big day. Bravo ladies, bravo! Could not have done it without you!!”

– Biz + Chris


“One thing that was incredibly important to Kevin and I when we were planning our wedding was we wanted to like being around and trust the vendors we chose to work with. These were people who were going to be a significant part of our big day and we wanted to enjoy every second. When I met Bianca the first time those two things quickly became reality. I enjoyed spending time with her and I trusted her work ethic and her ability to get things done. My hope on the day of our wedding was to have someone on my side, that understood my vision and could make the “correct” decisions on my behalf without needing to ask me. I had a gut feeling that Bianca could be that person and without fail she was. Bianca does an incredible job of being professional, organized, sensitive and honest while keeping the bride and groom in mind. Our day was absolutely perfect from the biggest details to the littlest and I am confident Bianca and her team deserve an unbelievable amount of credit for that being true. As the reception came to an end, I was said to say goodbye to Bianca because it meant our journey as bride and coordinator was ending and that I wasn’t going to be in constant communication with her anymore… It honestly was exactly what Kevin and I hoped for, vendors that felt like trusted friends”

– Natalie + Kevin


“Erica was like my partner in crime trying to pull this wedding off with me. I truly could not have done this without her! She paid such great attention to detail and knew the right questions to ask at every meeting she accompanied me to. I felt like she went above and beyond being just a “month of” planner. Every time I felt a little stressed about how everything was coming along, she offered to have a mini meeting just to calm my nerves. But after every scheduled meeting, I felt as if we accomplished so much and would feel great about our progress!
The day before my wedding, she assured me she had everything she needed and, let me tell you, she did! I did not have to think or worry about a thing from an hour before my Welcome Party Friday evening until I had to pack for my honeymoon 2 days later! Everyone knew where to be at which times and I just had to worry about enjoying my wedding and having fun with my guests.
Planning a wedding is a lot of work, but when you have helpful planners like Erica and Bianca, it makes everything so much easier! I am a sucker for detail and I don’t think my wedding would have been half as special if they wouldn’t have helped me along. Thank you, Erica!”

– Becki + Steve


“We worked with Bianca and her team on our wedding at Camp Wandawega. From day one, Bianca seemed to have the details figured out, helping us pull in multiple vendors and giving us recommendations for everyone from photographers to caterers. All the prep work paid off once we got on site – everything went off exactly as planned.
All of her and her team’s hard work meant that my husband and I were able to really enjoy the weekend, and at the end of the day, that is the most important thing. The wedding was beautiful, and simple, and there was not a single stressful moment. We are extremely grateful for all that Bianca did, and the help of her team the weekend of. It was unreal and magical, a once in a lifetime experience.”

– Dalyn + Sebastian


“Let me start by saying that I am a Type A person. And if you’re a Type A person, you know that putting your complete confidence in someone else can be a difficult thing to do. That said, after talking with Bianca, I learned quickly that I had made the best decision when it came to selecting who would be my day-of-coordinator. Bianca and Erica are a great team who genuinely are friends besides being co-workers which made for great chemistry during our meetings. Their young and fresh take on weddings was an important factor to choosing them. But most important for me, Bianca and Erica were as thorough and as organized as I could have hoped for. They went along with the plan where there was one, and offered suggestions and made phone calls when there wasn’t. They understood our vision and made great recommendations. They were always reachable, responsive, resourceful and did it all with great and positive energy. On the day of, I knew that I could put it all in their hands and I didn’t worry about a thing. The day went swimmingly and if anything did go wrong, I had no idea it did. I would recommend Estera for their creativity, attention to detail, personal attention and great energy. Thank you Erica & Bianca for investing yourselves into our wedding as a whole and not just the wedding day.”

– Ariana + RD


“It took me all of about 5 minutes of talking to Bianca to know we were a fit. Saying it sounds so cliché but hiring Estera was the best decision I made throughout the wedding process.
They came through for me in a billion ways. When my makeup artist fell through weeks before the wedding, Bianca linked me up with someone even better. When I forgot a cake platter at home the day-of, Hilary went out and bought one. When my mom was convinced guests couldn’t figure out a buffet dinner, they patiently assured her otherwise. I could go on and on…
During the planning stages, they listened to all of my strange descriptions of my vision and understood the nuances of every word and feeling I wanted to capture. Then with their endless resources, vendor relationships, and taste, they made it come to life. They saw me through my wedding from start to finish and I could have never done it without them.
Hilary’s design and floral background, paired with Bianca’s impeccable taste and computer wizardry, makes them the actual creative dream team. They have every base covered. And THEY ARE FUN. Trust me, when you are two months out and have every vendor/family member calling, you will be grateful they are fun. I truly looked forward to our meetings.
There is literally no better feeling than waking up on your wedding day and knowing that you have nothing to worry about. That is exactly what Estera did for us.”

– Kelly + Tim


“We worked with Erica, Bianca, and their team to help us execute our wedding at Camp Wandawega in July 2014. This wedding was truly a DIY with the help of many capable vendors and I can honestly say that without Erica and her team, we never would have been able to pull off the wedding of our dreams at the venue of our dreams.
Erica helped us manage multiple vendors, coordinated all weekend logistics and events, and kept a smile on her face the entire time. She even did a great job of handling me when we did a walk-through of our rain plan, during which I had some choice words for the weather. The team was professional, had great attention to detail, and ceremony and reception went off without a hitch. Our reception looked amazing thanks to the set-up and styling of the tent. The girls were calm, cool, and collected throughout the chaos of a massive rain-storm, making sure guests were safe and not getting wet.
Many of our guests came up to us after the wedding to mention how hard the girls from Estera were working to make the reception a success. One relative even noted that they loved the “hustle” of the crew. Many thanks again to Erica and the Estera team for all their help in making our Camp Wandawega wedding one amazing celebration that we will never forget. “

– Emily + Shawn


“What you expect when you hire a wedding coordinator is someone who is organized, diligent and can carry out plan. However, the service we got from Estera was way beyond your expectations. The level of detail, thoughtfulness, precision and confidence that Bianca executed my wedding with was flawless. Our wedding was complicated: It was an Indian Wedding that was held in my parent’s backyard. Tons of vendors, tons of random Indian wedding nuances (rain plan, no running water, groom needs horse when, whose shoes go where when, who is getting lifted on whose shoulders!?). Yet, Bianca and her team handled the event effortlessly. No matter how crazy the request may have been, Bianca learned all of the intricacies of executing an outdoor wedding (an art itself) and an Indian Wedding like a total natural.
I could probably go on and on about the logistical excellence Bianca and her spreadsheet wielding skills carry, but what I think impressed me the most about Bianca and her team was how refined their taste is (clearly based on tons of experience!) and how much I trusted her opinion on all wedding matters. What helped me trust Bianca even more is that she is honest. When I questioned her about a vendor or a decision, she didn’t just give me the answer I wanted to hear, which I loved. Her honesty helped me figure out where I could save, where I should spend, and in the end, how I could create a wedding that was truly a reflection of my husband and I.”

– Jamie + Anish


“I don’t even know where to begin. Since I live in another city than my family, I was nervous that I would be overwhelmed with all of the wedding planning decisions. This was definitely not the case. Bianca, Erica, and Hilary were there for me every step of the way. When I met with all the vendors, Estera made me feel just like I was there with my sisters. They didn’t get bothered by all my silly emails, texts, and phone calls. They always said “Call with anything, that’s why we are here!”. I loved that! And most importantly, they listened to every single word I said. They took my ideas and brought them to life! My wedding day was even better than my dreams. The week of my wedding I was so calm and relaxed that I think my friends and family thought something was wrong. It was so comforting knowing that my “girlfriends” at Estera were dealing with all the details. I’m so happy that we had Hilary to add to our vision. She took it to the next level! I would have never thought to add the beautiful sequin and peony linens but it was details like that which really made our wedding incredible. All of our guests kept saying how beautiful the wedding was. Connor’s 85 year old aunt said it was one of the happiest wedding she had ever been to. And specifically that the atmosphere made it “out of this world”.”

– Rachel + Connor


“I am usually pretty good with words, but I find that I lack any truly meaningful way of expressing how happy we are with everything that Estera put into our special day. “Kind Words” falls far short of highlighting the extraordinary service that Estera provided. I can say with complete confidence that our wedding was the nicest wedding any guest had ever attended, and I am not one to boast—I am simply stating a fact. You helped take a very abstract idea of how we wanted our day to look and feel and turned it into what can only be described as a masterpiece. You exceeded every imaginable expectation—managing expenses, coordinating with vendors, your impeccable attention detail, and the personal attention you extended to our friends and family. Our wedding was actually trending on social media! Working in a creative field and having planned events myself, the notion of perfection is very subjective and frankly unrealistic. However, you not only helped plan and execute a perfect wedding, you did it seamlessly, and above all else, your passion for ensuring that it was all that we wanted it to be was evident in everything you did. “

– Jonathan + Ghienhel


“Hiring Estera Events and working with Bianca and Erica was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We had spent nearly a year planning things on our own, and as our wedding date approached, we realized the most important thing was to be able to enjoy every moment of our wonderful day with our nearest and dearest. Bianca and Erica were more than just day-of coordinators, they were there with us in the months before– constantly checking in, meeting vendors with us, sharing fantastic advice, and most of all, they were always wonderfully reassuring. When the day finally arrived, Bianca and Erica somehow defied the space-time continuum and managed to be everywhere at once, working with all the vendors, handling the guests, keeping things on schedule and making every single detail absolutely perfect. We were able to enjoy every moment of our wedding and it was beyond our wildest dreams, all because of Bianca and Erica.”

– Lauren & Jeff


“Where to begin! Our destination wedding in South Beach Miami was the first Indian wedding for Estera to plan and I am so thrilled I chose Estera as my planners. I was a bit hesitant at first to go with planners who had never done an Indian wedding only because there are many events (we had 3), lots of details, and more than the normal amount of moving parts to planning this sort of event. However, Hilary and Bianca took the challenge on with a smile on their face and an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. What struck me most in choosing Estera was their willingness to think outside the box while also completely listening to our asks and wants for the wedding. From the moment I hired them to the end of the wedding weekend, Hilary and Bianca were responsive, diligent, and I felt I could completely trust them to get things done. Despite my incessant emails, spreadsheets, and questions, Hilary and Bianca always had an answer for me and I knew no detail would fall through the cracks. The weekend was organized, timely, and insanely beautiful! Seeing all the pictures, mock ups, and floor plans come to life was amazing to say the least and did not disappoint. Thank you ladies for helping us achieve our magical weekend!”

– Sheela & Sandeep


“I cannot thank you enough for all your work to make our wedding the most amazing day. Charley and I honestly had the best time ever and we could not have done it without you. We knew we needed a day of coordinator, but you exceeded our expectations on so many levels. We absolutely loved that you were able to both help us realize the challenges of getting married at a home, but also help us solve for those challenges. So many people around us were quick to point out potential issues, but didn’t offer any solutions. You made us confident that our day would go seamlessly no matter what, and for that we are so, so grateful. Your eye for design and style are amazing. Your level of professionalism, but also your ability to be fun, excited and engaging was also amazing. Your eye for design and attention to detail are so impressive; we had no doubt that the ceremony and reception site would look flawless, but we were blown away when we saw both. Thank you so much — we will not forget how wonderful our wedding day was and the integral role you played.”

– Liz & Charley


“Hilary and Bianca helped us pull off an incredible, magical evening! After deciding to have our wedding at my childhood home, we knew that we needed a lot of professional help, and choosing Estera Events was by far the right decision. Hilary curated and selected a talented group of vendors and our wedding day went off without a hitch. From transportation, to floral, lighting, and catering, our wedding was beautiful and breezy, a testament to how much work and planning went into it. I only wish we could do it all again because it was so much fun! I didn’t have to lift a finger the day of the wedding and knew I could rely on Hilary and Bianca to handle anything that came up. It’s what every bride hopes for!”

– Haley & Riley


“The Estera team’s contributions to our planning process were invaluable. Obviously, it is not every day that a family prepares for it’s only daughter’s wedding. Even with ample notice, the advice of family and friends, and focused attention, it is still a daunting project to prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Your experience, skills, and perhaps above all, manner, aided us immensely in the process, and allowed our daughter, and the new son-in-law, to “make it through” with minimal stress and maximum happiness. We can’t thank you enough.”

– Jerry, Father of the Bride


“We got Estera Events’ name from a friend who had worked with them a few months earlier. We had done most of the planning ourselves up to that point and were looking for a Day of Coordinator who could offer a few extra design services (I was in desperate need of some hand-holding when it came to floral designers/decorators).

We met with several coordinators and found many similarities among them. But what really set Estera apart for me was their enthusiasm, professionalism, and eye for design. They were also very willing to work with us when it came to our budget and the services they would offer. Bianca and I immediately bonded over our love for BHLDN, Anthropologie’s sister brand and an inspiration for my wedding. In the end, I felt they were the best choice in guiding us to the finish line.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more from Bianca. She was always there when I needed her, taking time to answer my multiple emails and phone calls with patience and expertise. What I appreciated most was her calmness and quick-thinking. When I was freaking out about getting everything done on time (which seemed to happen quite a bit) she was there to point out that we were on track and doing fine. She reassured our doubts with style and ease.

On our wedding day Bianca really stepped up her game. After one final meeting of the minds to go over last minute directions and issues, I spent the rest of the day with little worry or care. Not only is that a feat few thought possible, but worth more to my husband and I than I can say. We are indebted to Bianca and Estera Events for making our wedding one of the most amazing days of our lives.”

– Kelsey + Adam


“Choosing to work with Estera Events was one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. As our wedding date grew closer, my husband and I decided to move out-of-state so that I could begin a graduate program, which meant that we wouldn’t be in Chicago for the final stages of our wedding planning. We knew we needed help to pull everything together.

When we met with Hilary and her team at Estera Events, they immediately set our minds at ease. The Estera team got right to work right after our first meeting; Hilary and Bianca helped us coordinate decor decisions with Kehoe Designs and were present at mock ups and meetings even once my husband and I had moved and couldn’t attend in person.

The Estera team also had the brilliant idea for our guest book and wedding favor–a cookbook for guests to sign because I love to cook and herbs for our guests to take home as favors. Hilary was also our primary liaison to our vendors throughout the process and made sure that everyone knew where to be and what to do on the big day (us included!). She and Bianca were in attendance the entire evening and made sure that everything ran smoothly, from my arrival at the venue and walk down the aisle to our send-off at the end of the evening.

We can’t thank Hilary, Bianca, and the entire Estera team enough for making our wedding so successful, effortless, and worry-free!”

– Kelly + Drew


“My husband and I decided early on, the day of our wedding we wanted to be present without worry about the logistics. Having Hilary and her team’s help leading up to and on the day of with the details and decor let us enjoy every moment without concern for happened behind the scenes. They were on site early to set up and stayed late to make sure everything was organized for us before leaving. They were easy to work with, sharing in the joy and laughing along the way. Hilary has an natural knack for design and aesthetics. I admire her vision and am amazed at her ability to execute creative, one of a kind ideas. Lastly, Hilary and her team are kind, warm, patient and genuine people. I enjoyed the whole planning process leading up to the day, and felt like I was amongst friends on the day of the wedding.“

– Maggie


“Hilary and her staff gave my bride and I the gift of being able to be “in the moment” on our wedding day. There are so many planning logistics, day-of emergencies/snafus, and thanks to Estera Events, we were oblivious to all of them. We could not have been happier with how smoothly the day went. I have been to many weddings and seen many a stressed-out bride/groom. Estera really did give us something priceless: to be blissfully unaware of anything remotely stressful during the biggest day of our lives. She and the staff were wonderful–they achieved this wonderful combination of running the show yet simultaneously remaining “behind the scenes.”



“Hilary and the rest of the Estera Events staff were absolutely wonderful to work with. I had many visions for our wedding and knew immediately that with Hilary’s taste and style she could help me realize them. Not only does she have excellent ideas for décor, food, budget, timing, and execution, but she also is equipped with numerous contacts with similar aesthetic. Hilary is well organized, with excellent attention to detail. She is a motivated advocate for her clients and irreplaceable when it comes to navigating multiple vendors and event logistics. Her expanding staff is also friendly and helpful, providing additional support as the event nears. Estera Events’ services are flexible and I highly recommend them for whatever your needs might be.”

– Nisse + Matt


“I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I met and ultimately decided to have Hilary on board to help plan my wedding. I had met with 3 wedding planners prior to contacting Estera Events, each one left me feeling more and more frustrated. I started yet another search and came across the Estera Events website, I called Hilary right then and there and cannot express how thankful I am that I did.

I am not the most stylish person, which I’m sure, many can attest to – ha-ha. I know what I like, but was having such a hard time envisioning a theme or style for our wedding reception. I had so many random thoughts and was on wedding overload thinking about all the possibilities.

Insert Hilary. We met multiple times in the early stages. She understood my concerns, listened to my ramblings about what I liked and didn’t like, looked at my random magazine clippings and really took the time to understand my style preferences. She took everything into account and helped mold this amazing day, from linens to the smallest details on the escort card table. She also coordinated every aspect of the day, start to finish. She dealt with all the vendors, organized drop offs; she was the go-to person for everyone. I didn’t have to stress about anything – just took it all in! Everything flowed seamlessly and we really had such an amazing day all thanks to Hilary, she really went above and beyond our expectations. If you’re looking for a professional, dependable, creative, get-it-done wedding planner / designer you really will not be disappointed with Hilary.

There were so many moments throughout the planning process where I second guessed myself on something – all I had to do was look at Hilary or shoot her an email to reaffirm the choices we had made. She truly is such a gem. My husband (still getting used to this!), my parents, my husband’s mom… everyone took notice of how much Hilary did that day. So thankful and couldn’t be happier with Hilary and the fabulous wedding day she created for us – truly the best day of our lives!”

– Erica + Sean